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Stoners Club ​USA

​Stoned Chef: My cannabis career started on June 27, 1991. That was 24 years and SOOOO many bags ago! At 14 I moved from California to Alaska and learned how to properly grow cannabis to the apex of its harvest potential. Yes, I've been to jail because of cannabis. I even served 14 months for 14 ounces in a Texas prison. I also got my G.E.D. while there. I came out and found my wife a few months later and nothing has been the same. I went to University to get my degree in Business Management & Marketing, followed by schooling at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Dallas from 2011-2013. I am currently ServSafe certified and am President & Executive Chef at G.E.M.Stone Gourmet Edibles, Inc. I prefer to dab, but will never hesitate to fire up a doobie to taste the "herb-of-the-gods". I am incredibly passionate about my work & art, and wish to pass on the information I've gained to the people of the world. This is our platform and we invite any & all questions & comments. We hope to help the uninformed or misinformed, and those who just don't want to ask their buddies, what may be interpreted as, a "stupid question". (There is no such thing!)

​Stoners Club USA does NOT condone underage consumption of cannabis or cannabis products, unless approved by the residing state of the child in question.