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Horticulture at its Finest

There are 972,619,420 ways to grow. We will discuss and answer any and all questions to provide the community with a sense of what NOT to do, and how to select the best strains to harvest.

Blowing Clouds

Take the worries out of your hectic life with this relaxing doobie or dab. Load yourself a bowl and fire up that sh!t. No drama. No stress. Just smoke & vapors.

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Concentrates Galore

Whatever reason you have for needing to utilize concentrates, we like to think of ourselves as "dabboisseurs". We've blasted BHO, pressed Rosin, iced wax/hash, etc. There's nothing we can't answer!



The latest and greatest, as-well-as the inexpensive and inventive. We've made "pieces" of all types through the years. We know what's good, we know what NOT to waste your time with. Here you get it all!

Music for Medicating

Sometimes all you need to make that "sesh" a little better, is to add some great tunes to the mix. All genres, artists, bands, that are pro-cannabis shall be listed, listened to, and promoted as-well-as discussed.

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Edibles of ALL Kinds

Being a classically trained Chef, I doubt there is much of a question I can't answer regarding the processes of adding cannabis to food products of all types & styles.

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